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If you buy flavored water

If you buy flavored water, cost per bottle may be 1. A good example would be Capella flavored drops. It is sugar free and low in calorie. The best solution would be to stock up flavored water in the refrigerator.If you enter a departmental store, you can find different types of water like flavored water, vitamin, Fitness, Clustered, Oxygenated and All premium waters. You can enjoy drinking your water. Sweetened flavored water is a great idea for a zero carb drink. It has Zero calories, no sugar and no carbs! This is great for those sunny days to avoid dehydration. This may affect their health in the long run. Kids would love to have warm water with lemon as it can help them rest since they are not all sugared up. Tang is a great summer beverage. So stop keeping soda or caffeinated drinks in your refrigerator. This is a warm citrus delight for winter. You can also try unsweetened flavored waters like Capella Flavored water. There are some zero carb drinks that you can give your kids. For a hot drink that has some low carbs instead of tea try water with lemon. Just add a few drops of your favorite flavor in water. Instead of giving them high calorie, high carb and sugary foods and drinks try these instead.89. Once kids get used to soda and caffeinated drinks it becomes very difficult to stop them. The brain is about 80 percent water, blood is about 90 percent and the liver is nearly 97 percent. All Capella flavors are free from fats, calories, Carbs, Sodium, Sugars and Artificial sweeteners. It does not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners! This drink is a great alternative to sodas, juice and other sweetened drinks. If we dont, we become dehydrated, leading to headaches, fatigue and lack of concentration. It may lead to ABS Series Pipe Manufacturers obesity. You can try strawberry, banana, chocolate, Butterscotch, coconut, Chocolate Raspberry etc. It is half the price. Doctors say it is important to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday. Water is very important in our life. So we should try to instill healthy habits in kids at an early age. Capella flavored drops are much cheaper when compared to flavored water. You can avoid dehydration in your little ones. You can enjoy drinking water without giving up fun flavors and taste.13 cents. Nowadays kids only love to eat junk food. . If they feel thirsty they will drink this instead of soda or caffeinated drinks. But the cost of flavored drops per bottle may be 0. But kids dont like to drink water; we have to motivate them to drink in the form of flavored water. Water covers 70 percent of the surface, and about 3 percent of it is drinkable water

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